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What Patients Are Saying

"Hi Dr. Dockery,  I wanted to express my appreciation for your help in the past few months with my upper cervical issue.  As a new patient, I was treated like an old friend.  Immediately we shared the goal to help me heal myself.  A great discussion on heathy food, exercise and lifestyle reaffirmed I was on the right path toward whole body health.
     After only a couple of weeks, I could feel greater mobility in my neck and relief from symptoms assicated with the Atlas subluxation.  After a couple of months, near complete relief.  I continue to improve and expect to have this issue fully resolved in the near furture.  Thank you, Dr. Dockery for all you do!"      J.K. 

 "Thank you for all the wisdom you bring to our area...  And we are personally thankful for your genuine kindness to go above and beyond our structural health!  And your secretary Rocks!!!!"    Deanna C.  

 "Dr. Joe, have your ears been ringing?  Dan and I both saw great improvements Monday night after Allie's adjustment.  I cannot stop bragging about you....  today she was awesome with her OT and teacher...  Thank you, thank you, thank you...  (We) are all blessed to have you and MaryLynne in our lives.  I know Allie will benefit from your magic touch for a long time.  See you in a month!"        Kara O.   

"Joe gives a very gentle but thorough and effective treatment which will be sure to give you lasting relief from either everyday aches and pains or old nagging injuries.  The soft tissue work is sure to keep you loose and feeling great, too. Plus, after leaving the appointment, your spine is aligned properly which can help your body's natural recuperative abilities to work the way they were intended.  Joe, thanks for your friendly, personal, natural and effective approach to health care.  Something that is not often found these days!"        Tom C.     

"Joe's medical philosophy, in my opinion, is that of a true healer."       Virginia S.   

 "Dr. Dockery applies moist heat and massage before adjusting which I feel my body responds to, and holds the adjusment longer.  Since going to Dr. Dockery I have been able to drive farther and move around much easier.  I tell all my family and friends how Dr. Dockery has helped me.  Not to mention there is no waiting.  You get right in and receive his full attention."    Scott T. 

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