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Week 12 - Who are you, really?

Week 12 - Who are you, really?

Last week I talked about how we have become “kings and queens of the forest” due to the development of our advanced intellect via the evolutionary growth of our pre-frontal cortex.  But this ability to self-actualize, strategize, and choose our own life’s path is a two edged sword. 

Initially we are born a clean slate.  But eventualy our experiences dictate our world view.  And our experiences are influenced by environmental factors, of which I argue that the biggest ones are Mother, Father, Teacher, and Preacher (see Week 11).

I asked that you at least make a mental note of the good and even the less than good these influences may have had on you.  Our goal in this mental health part of our wellness journey is to get you to a point where you can make your own decisions as to whether you want to continue to be influenced by these experiences or if you would like to make your own decisions that may be contrary to earlier external expectations.

You have a RIGHT to make your own decisions.  Parents, teachers and preachers were once children, students, and parishioners too.  They are human and fallible.  They also have been influenced by their parents, teachers and preachers.  If none of us made an independent decision, but just rehashed the “old”, how can this world advance?  How can this world become a better place?  It can’t, and it won’t unless you take responsibility for what it means to be human.  Humans have advanced because of creativity, making creative decisions that have improved upon the past.  Improving not only in technological development but in personal development.  Creativity comes from the uniqueness of each individual.  This week let’s discover who we are:


Who Are You, Really?

 African, Native American, Middle Eastern, European, Asian ?

 Maybe!  But!

The Human Genome Project confirmed that
we humans are 99.9% the same!!


Or maybe you think you are:

Hindu, Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Confucianist, etc.

 But take an infant from any culture, have them adopted into any other culture, and NO MATTER what they might look like, they will develop identities with the adopted culture: 100%


So, Who Are You?

You are a human being, born into this world with the

same potential as any other human being to be

molded by the influences in your immediate ENVIRONMENT!


Take this week to think about your birth.  What if you were born in a different country?  What if you weren't raised Christian, or Jewish, for example?  Think about what if you were born into poverty, affluence, a different shade of skin color, a different form of government, a single parent, more siblings, less siblings, and on and on.  Try putting on someone else's shoes.  What would your belief systems be then?  Would there be anything inherent about you that speaks of YOU, or would you simply be someone else!  That's heavy, man! 

I believe we each are unique.  Each of us are humans, yes, but individually each of us are like no one else now or anyone else who has EVER lived.  Each of us come from the genes of two different individuals, who came from the combined genes of two other different people, who came from the combined genes of two other completely different people, and on and on!

No, you are UNIQUE.  And you have every right to be happy and content, and to contribute your share in making this world a better place.

Yes, it's a beautiful world.

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