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Wellness Journey with Joe

Week 16 - Stress Response in Action

Our bodies are incredible machines, able to recognize life threatening stressors and at the same time having systems set up to deal with those stressors.  Remember, these defense systems are so powerful that we human animals have survived to bec


Week 15 - The Stress Response

Week 15 - The Stress Response** ALERT - This is one of my most important posts regarding the effects of the mind/body connection.  However, there is a LOT in this post!! Take your time with the information, we'll take a couple weeks explaining this phenomenon.  If you


Week 14 - Belief Systems are Dynamic

Week 14 - Belief Systems are Dynamic    Why Do I Do The Things I Do?Challenging Belief Systems Thoughts While information is perceived by our five senses, thoughts are conceived in the mind.Thoughts are impressions, opinions, and rationalizations formed from be


Week 13 - The Journey

Week 13 - The Journey    The Journeyby Mary Oliver One day you finally knewwhat you had to do, and began, though the voices around youkept shoutingtheir bad advice – though the whole house began to trembleand you felt the old tugat your ank


Week 12 - Who are you, really?

Week 12 - Who are you, really?Last week I talked about how we have become “kings and queens of the forest” due to the development of our advanced intellect via the evolutionary growth of our pre-frontal cortex.  But this ability to self-actualize, strategize, and


Week 11 - Mental Health 101

Week 11 - Mental Health 101As I explained at the conclusion of the last post I believe it is now necessary for us to move into the Mental Health realm next before tackling Exercise.  This whole wellness journey is going to require time and effort.  And who has the ex


Week 10 - Nutrition Summary

Week 10 - Nutrition SummarySo it's time to move on to the mental health portion of our journey, but before we do let's take this week and make a concerted effort to shore up your nutrition habits. The previous weeks have laid out an outline from which you can choose the f


Week 9 - Frustrations

Week 9 - Frustrations This article appeared in the August 23, 2015 issue of The New York Times Magazine.  It was written by Gretchen Reynolds, a frequent contrbuter to the Health and Wellness site of the New York Times.I include it here because it addresses the evolu


Week 8 - A Day of Purity and Sufficiency

Plan a Day of Purity & SufficiencyI realize it’s a bit early in the program to expect a complete change in habits, but I thought I would outline a good day that you can try after being in the program for a couple months.Purity requires not


Week 7 - Healthy Snacks

Week 7 - Healthy SnacksSo by now you have a good basis for choosing breakfast lunch and dinner.  Make sure your plate has a healthy balance of carbohydrate, fat and protein, leaning heavily on the carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits, and eliminating grain as much


Week 6 - Living Life

Week 6 - Living LifeI've been so busy living life I've had no time this week to sit and write a meaningful piece continuing our discussion on Nutrition. I received a call to do percussion and guitar for a violinist from Montreal who played a festival here in Sarana


Week 5 - Fruits & A Little Philosophy

Week 5 - Fruits & A Little PhilosophyWeek 5 – Fruits & A Little Philosophy (Please send me an e-mail if you'd like these posts to be emailed directly to you) By now you will have cut out the bread and most grain products, added vegetables wherever you can including a large col


Week 4 - Rethinking Your Plate

Week 4 - Rethinking Your PlateRethinking Your PlateSo you've now eliminated most of the bread and grain products from your diet.  And you've increased the amount of vegetables you normally would consume.  You understand how a large colorful salad will provide your carbo


Week 3 - Soup For More Vegetables

Week 3 - Soup For More VegetablesSo, I've given you a week each on the subjects of breads and salads.  Hopefully you've come a long way in diminishing your bread intake and included a large colorful salad everyday.  If you have, then you've already seen some pounds being s


Week 2 - Daily Salad

Week 2 - Daily SaladLast week I addressed bread and grain products in general.  The reason I began this journey by addressing bread is because we eat entirely too many grains in our western diet.  They are a high glycemic food (more on that later), broken down


Week 1 - We Begin!

Week 1 - We Begin!Week 1A) Under the Influence B) Bread; Our First HurdleSo here we go!  It might be a good idea at this time to take those “before” photos, record your measurements, and save your blood chemistry results if you’ve had your chole


Wellness Journey With Joe

Wellness Journey With JoeSo I turned 60 this year!  Man, where did the time go?!Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Are you ready to make a healthy change for yourself?  Then read on!Before life passes me by I'd like to fulfill an idea I've had fo


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